Brass Essential Series Padlock - YE1

Essential Brass Series offer basic security performances for indoor and general daily application. They comes with comprehensive body and shackle sizes.

Features and Benefits
- Body material: Solid Brass
- Shackle material: Chrome-plated Hardened Steel
- No of keys: 3
- Anti-pull double locking latch (sizes of 30mm or above)
- Suitable for locker, cabinet, luggage and entrance

Available Body Width:
20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60mm

Complete range of 11 various shackle sizes:

1) Standard Shackle
YE1/20/111/1, YE1/25/113/1, YE1/30/115/1, YE1/40/122/1,
YE1/50/126/1, YE1/60/132/1

2) Long Shackle
YE1/30/132/1, YE1/40/140/1, YE1/50/166/1

3) Extra-long Shackle
YE1/30/147/1,  YE1/40/152/1