Padlock - Weatherproof


  • Hardened steel shackles to prevent cutting.
  • Protective cover on the body and shackle plus key hole cover for additional weatherproof protection.
  • Double ball locking for added protection.
  • Tested to EN12320:2012 for different forms of attack such as cutting, pulling and twisting of the shackle.
  • Tested up to 120 hours for corrosion resistance to ensure protection against weather conditions.
  • Tested to 10,000 cycles (opening and closing) for optimum performance.
  • Multipacks available in 51mm Weatherproof Padlock with keyed alike for convenience. 

Material Specifications

  • Body : Laminated Steel
  • Shackle : Hardened steel

Technical Specifications

SKU Code W X H X D X Shakle  Material 
Y220B/51/118/1 53 X 50 X 35 X Ø9 Laminated steel 
Y221B/52/125/1 53 X 82 X 35 X Ø9  Laminated steel 
Y220B/61/123/1 62 X 55 X 38 X Ø12 Laminated steel 
Y220B/71/130/1 72 X 60 X 43 X Ø13 Laminated steel