Yale Access Bridge-B

Product Description

Open the door when you're not home

Monitor access from anywhere

Control your smart lock from anywhere with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Remote access and instant alerts - even when you're out! Get even more from your Yale Smart Lock. The Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge connects your smart lock to the internet, letting you lock and unlock your door from anywhere - right from your phone. Instantly let friends, family and home-service providers in even when you're not home, check your lock's status any time, and enjoy more peace of mind with instant alerts every time someone locks or unlocks your door. 

Remotely control your lock
Create custom entry codes for family and guests to unlock your Yale Smart Lock without a traditional key or smartphone.

Always in the know
With Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, you can receive notifications and updates to your Activity Feed from all your Yale Access products, no matter where you are.

Yale Access app
Remote access means you can let in family, friends and trusted visitors like the cleaner or the delivery driver - from anywhere - when Yale Smart Lock is paired with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

1,2,3 Simple Setup
Plugs into a power socket near your Yale Smart Lock and connects to your home Wi-Fi in minutes.

Note: Lock needs to have Yale Access BLE module to enable Wifi bridge Configuration. Yale Access  Connect Wifi  bridge needs to be bundled with Yale Access BLE module for remote access

Work with Yale YDM 4115 A & Yale J-20 A Smart Lock