YDME 50 Digital Door Lock, Satin Nickel (Dead Latch Lock)

  • Multiple Access Options
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Mechanical Key Access
  • Lasting Battery Life
  • Low Battery Notification

    Key Features

    Card Key
    Mechanical Key
    PIN Code


    Never carry keys again with the Yale YDME-50 smart door lock - an intelligent door lock . YDME 50 has various access solutions: RFID Cards, pin codes and mechanical keys override. It has modern design and Invisible keypad which can be seen only when you touch the screen with your palm

    • Smart Solutions for your home. YDME 50 has multiple modes of access like RF card, pin code and mechanical key override.
    • YDME 50 can register 30 RF cards and 78 pin code users.
    • Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal : It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED.
    • Convenience: It can upgrade your existing door lock and supports door thickness from 35 mm to 55 mm.
    • For convenience as well as for safety in case of emergency, lock is automatically unlocked from inside with the lever handle
    • YDME 50 Compact Look allows it to be used for internal/bed room doors as well.
    • Various access allows it to be conveniently used in small hotels also.
    Technical Details
    • Auto Locking: Yes
    • Door Thickness in mm: 38-55 mm
    • Fingerprint: No
    • Manual Key: 2
    • Model Type: Latch
    • PINCodes: 32
    • RFID Card: 30