A test that covers the security and durability of an entire doorset rather than just the lock.  The new annex includes clauses covering materials, construction, tolerance, infill panels and resistance to climatic influences including a thermal cycle test.  Assessment is based on the door assembly's ability to continue to operate within specified force limits and a visual inspection for cracking, distortion and delamination.

Pivot Window Hinges/Stays

The pivot hinge is for use on high performance horizontal or vertical pivot timber windows and offers a high weight capacity for large glazed areas.


Poly Vinyl Chlorate Unplasticised is the material used to manufacture a wide range of products including windows and doors

Rim Lock

Nightlatches are still sometimes referred to by their traditional name of 'rimlock' although a rimlock usually now refers to a basic security lock for use on internal doors, gates or outbuildings


Also called follower.

A square hole created in the backset to allow the spindle to feed through to operate the handle.